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Monday, September 21, 2009

Free state Amsterdam

NDSM wharf Amsterdam society of today there is little room for the individual.we are very busy with ourselves but behave very similar and identical.we buy things and walk paths that are layed out for us. this is okay becauselife itself is build up for 95% of repetition. People who want to make a different way of living have a hard time. Amstedam used to be the place of tolleranceand free spirit. Today teh counry is run by a christian oriented governement.
the places where artist are working and living are organised by a policy.there is no freedom without regulation. no free moment without restriction.I believe in structure because without it is the battle of the strongest, a naturalselection. We are a group of artist that were looking for the nineties this land was of no use to anybody and yet it was so close to the citycentre. we were allowed to make studio's there and slowly everybody was happy.
now the council wants to make the terrein 'home of the creative industy'.we are fine about it but the problem is that it became a zone of no control.the photo's are from criminal free riders that give us (a group of about 100 artist) a hard time. the caravans we threw out and the message was:no more lazy bums, free riders and alcoholics on our terrain.
self organisation at its purest....

Bart Stuart sent me a message with info about this place and photos, thanks by contacting me.